Our mission is to INSPIRE children to DREAM big,  BELIEVE in themselves, and DISCOVER confidence so that they may INSPIRE others to do the same.

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               Dance and Gymnastics classes for Inspire Level

(ages 5 & up based on skills)

        Inspiring Others Using Your Time and Talents

Ballet / Jazz

Please call or email the studio for more information.


A class for students who have completed Gymnastics at our Discover. Students will build on their gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility and agility.  This class consist of floor, beam, bar, and vault and meets for 55 minutes per week. For the more serious student, please consider taking 2 classes per week.

REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible to register for this class, your child should be able to demonstrate a correct round-off, handstand, bridge from standing, bridge kick over as well as front support & casts on the bar.

Students at this level are encouraged to apply for our mentoring program** which offers opportunities to mentor younger children that can develop into a paid teaching position while in high school. We have a mentoring class specifically designed for our assistants.

Monthly fee is $82/month per class.

Our fees are all-inclusive, meaning that you never pay additional fees for registration, recital, and costumes. Fees are based on the entire school year and are broken down into 10 easy monthly payments. (Delayed enrollment fees are applied to registrations received on or after November 1st.)

Note: Classes are held in 55 minute blocks, but may be shortened for cleaning as we move into new guidelines due to COVID,

**Students participating in our mentoring program have a one-time fee per year of $250–no monthly fees for our mentoring program. See below for more information.

*Class leotards will be given out during Meet the Teacher Week. No need to buy a leotard.


We have enjoyed having your child in class over the years and want to keep them active in the studio family by giving them NEW opportunities that grow with them.

 Once your child has graduated from our core program of classes, we offer a mentoring program where they can continue taking classes and begin to mentor the younger children in the studio family.

 By participating in our mentoring program your child can enjoy volunteer and paid teaching opportunities while in high school, gaining valuable apprenticeship and work experience that can help with college admissions and future employment.

Students in our mentoring program pay a one time mentor fee each year that helps cover their costume for recital and other mentor related fees. Assistants DO NOT pay the monthly amount for class–ONLY the mentor fee. Once your child reaches the INSPIRING TEACHER level, they begin to get paid and there are no longer mentor fees.




Ages 12-18

Only 8 Student Assistants accepted each year

$250 /year mentoring fee

No Monthly Fees

Ages 13-18

Only 4 Teacher Assistants accepted each year

1 year as SA required

$250 /year mentoring fee

No Monthly Fees

Ages 14-18

Only 2 Inspiring Teachers accepted each year

1 year as TA required

*Paid Teaching Opportunity

*Team Training

*Professional Development

*Attend 1 Mentoring class/week


*Assist in 2 classes/week

at the DREAM or BELIEVE level

*Attend 1 Mentoring class/week


*Assist in 1 class/week

at the DREAM or BELIEVE level