Our mission is to INSPIRE children to DREAM big,  BELIEVE in themselves, and DISCOVER confidence so that they may INSPIRE others to do the same.

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Dance and Gymnastics classes for Discover Level

(ages 5 & up based on skills)

 Allowing Children to Discover their Confidence


Enjoy learning new dance moves with a blend of ballet and lyrical/ jazz. Class consist of ballet technique, strengthening, and flexibility. Utilizing technical skills from ballet, the flow of lyrical, and the high energy of jazz, this class allows students to grow in their body awareness, strength and stamina.

Lyrical dance embodies a blend of ballet, jazz, and acro to create flowing dances, while jazz dance is a blend of fast paced dance moves to popular songs, as well as broadway choreography. Jazz is always changing, just as popular music changes.

A basic to intermediate  knowledge of ballet, jazz, and/or lyrical technique is required. Students must be able to demonstrate leaps, jumps, arabesque, and turns.


A class for students who have completed gymnastics at our Believe Level. Students will build on their gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility and agility.  This class consist of floor, beam, bar, and vault. This class meets for 55 minutes per week. For the more serious student, please consider taking 2 classes per week. SKILL REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible to register for this class, your child should be able to demonstrate a correct cartwheel, forward & backward roll, hold a bridge for 10 seconds, and hold a front support on the bar for 10 seconds.

Monthly fee is $82/month per class.

Our fees are all-inclusive for our Top Supporter students, meaning that you never pay additional fees for registration, recital, and costumes. Fees are based on the entire school year and are broken down into 10 easy monthly payments.

(We have two enrollment options. Top Supporter and Flexible Enrollment. Please ask to see which is best for you.. Note: Top Supporter must enroll prior to November 1st.)

Note: Classes are held in 55 minute blocks, but may be shortened for cleaning as we move into new guidelines due to COVID,

*Class leotards will be given out during Meet the Teacher Week. No need to buy a leotard.