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Siler City Studio                                                  

114 S. 3rd Avenue (PO Box 116)

Siler City, NC  27344                                                                                                         

Asheboro Studio                                                 

 Sunset Avenue

Asheboro, NC 27203                                                                                                         



“We grew from a young toddler with tears and fears of the stage, to a child who is bubbling with a bold/fun personality and begs to have another recital.

In August, we will begin our 4th year at Siler City Dance and Gymnastics, and we are thankful for them!”

–Megan Coats

Our Mission is …

To inspire children to dream big, believe in themselves and discover their inner strength as they develop a love and appreciation of the performing arts through age appropriate play and creativity.

2018-2019 Registration is NOW OPEN!!

Classes available in SILER CITY and ASHEBORO!

You deserve the very best for your child and will be excited to experience the new curriculum now offered.

All teachers and staff have gone through the Leap ‘N Learn training in order to better serve you and your child in their learning journey. Through an appreciation and utilization of natural development, students will acquire motor, cognitive, and social skills beneficial for later life roles.

Skills taught in addition to Locomotive skills include:

        …and many more skills!

To fit your studio home’s growing needs…

Siler City Dance & Gymnastics

is now

Carolina Dance and Gymnastics

Licensed program for dance studios who care about the whole child